During this 6th Stakeholders meeting held in Wallonia in June, the debates focused on different achievements and progress obtained thanks to a collaborative work between the partners and local stakeholders.

First of all, in the framework of the second public policy instrument to be improved, the stakeholders validated the survey questionnaire produced within the "Training" WG to be sent to the Walloon accredited consultants. The objective remains to measure the integration of HR issues and the consideration of the human dimension in digital transformation plans. After analysing the survey feedback, the Walloon action plan will need to provide the best way to increase awareness among this target audience and to train them in the HR dimension of companies' digital transformation plans.

Secondly, the Walloon stakeholders of the project have decided to set up a specific Working Group "Opening of the Pedagogical Demonstrators" in order to propose ways to improve the public policy instrument n°1. As foreseen during the previous stakeholders meeting, technical meetings allowed to analyse the constraints and blocking points identified.

In order to overcome this situation, Wallonia will mobilise its stakeholders on the following tracks and proposals for action:

  • Deployment of the "showcase" concept to increase awareness and develop eco-systems around the 4.0 Demonstrators
  • Synergy and amplification effects of other programmes
  • Support for the approach of connecting target audiences using the 4.0 Demonstrators

Then, Wallonia was proposed to participate actively in the pilot action carried by Regione Toscana and whose objectives are, on the one hand, to intensify the exchanges between good practices of the partner regions "Silesia - Wallonia - Tuscany" and, on the other hand, to reinforce the opening of the training centres/laboratories/demonstrators to the whole of the users of the territories while developing a prototype of methodology aiming at measuring the real use by the users.

Finally, the last achievements presented to the meeting concerns a practical examination session between pairs of questions from the Lithuanian partner as well as the publication on the specialised website Regional-IT of the article "What (Walloon) needs in skills for Industry 4.0?" coordinated by the Collective Structure for Higher Education (SCES) [email protected]

During the months of July-August, a series of 6 articles are expected. They will be produced in collaboration with AdN with the double objective of presenting the results of the "4.0 pathways" survey and linking with the "prospective analysis on the development and skills needs for Industry 4.0" coordinated by the SCES - stakeholders of the project.

The next Stakeholder Committee is scheduled for October 2021.