The first stakeholder meeting of the Bucharest - Ilfov Region was organised by OIRBI (P7) the last January 28th. The workshop/brainstorming was attended by representatives from SMEs/organisations representing SMEs and public administration representatives. 20 attendees shared with project team opinions regarding 4.0 revolution's impact on Romania, SMEs, public policies. The event brought very interesting interactions between participants, plenty of ideas and it was pointed out a strong willingness to support the project for further synergiesThe majority gave very good feedback related to project themes and desire to support for further actions.

Besides explaining the project, its objectives and showing results on the survey "Industrial revolution 4.0 coming to our lives", the event was focused on setting a discussion based on these two questions:  Which support needs SMEs for digital transformation? What are the public policies can be updated in order to support them? Participants were opened and proactive to offer answers and solutions.

In particular, as for the first question, answers highlighted the need to accelerate the adoption of new technologies that bring benefits only with a qualitative implementation and the fact that the digitalisation of an inefficient process will never reach the potential results. As a consequence, the 1st step should be the process rethinking within the new paradigm, and for this are necessary mixed competencies- technical and business such as: 

  • Systems integration on distribution chains, transparent and easy data transfer between SMEs and public administration
  • The digitalisation of some operational processes with public institutions
  • Consultancy for process mapping in order to value digitalisation opportunities
  • Acknowledge the digitalisation need
  • Support for DIHs establish (Digital Innovation Hub)
  • Fiscal facilities
  • Vouchers for digital competencies development
  • Sharing good practices
  • Practice centred educational system
  • Mixed financial programs

As for the second question concrete and noticeable guidelines came up:

  • Establish a 4.0 Minister dedicated to SMEs;  
  • An integrated approach of 4 elements: technology, human resources, knowledge, finance; including within the digital transformation of the 4P: people, process, policies, platform; 
  • A 4.0 Romanian strategy, with a dedicated budget; " 

Here below pictures taken during the meeting: