AgroRES stakeholders had a meeting in North Karelia on 8 December 2021. Regional AgroRES action plan was the main topic of the meeting. The actions were planned to include community energy and biogas. It was also noted that besides actions to be planned, also other effects on the project learning and activities can be observed. These effects were also agreed to be included in the final action plan.

Besides the regional action plan, the AgroRES cross-cut visit to Ireland in October 2021 and North Karelia on 30 November to 1 December 2021 were discussed. It was noted that the physical meetings of AgroRES partners greatly enhance interregional learning and collaboration – besides formal information sharing, informal learning and trust building can then take place enhancing interregional learning and sharing. It was also noted that it is important to see what other regions do in terms of renewable energy in agriculture and rural areas but it is also important to be able to share own region’s expertise and knowhow with AgroRES project partners and stakeholders through physical meetings taking place in own region.

Stakeholders also presented current news on renewable energy from their background organisations. Besides one person from the AgroRES project staff, the meeting was attended by five stakeholders of which one was physically present in the meeting and the rest participated in the meeting remotely. The next stakeholder meetings were agreed to take place in January and February 2022.