Through interregional cooperation and with the active involvement of regional stakeholder groups, the APPROVE partner Regions have taken inspiration from each other’s good practices and experience.

This led to the development of regional action plans for the improvement of their policy instruments for the promotion of renewable energy.

  • The Lapland's action plan concerns a monitoring system for the renewal of district heating in the framework of the regional Just Transition Plan, and on the promotion of public-private co-development in the next Finnish operation programme;
  • Epirus has modified a call in order to increase the installation of photovoltaic panels and integrate them with the realisation of chargers for electro-vehicles, and will explore the opportunity of developing a small scale network of biogas plants in the next programming period;
  • Normandy is working on initiatives for the involvement of citizens in energy projects and on the definition of improved criteria and a protocol about the environmental and participatory aspects for biogas projects;
  • The action plan of Castilla y León (available also in Spanish) focuses on the integration of the concepts of participatory ownership or funding, cooperation between rural entities, and links between educational institutions and renewable energy installations in several policy instruments.