BIOREGIO was present at the evening event organized by Municipality of Kozani and DIADYMA SA, titled “Industrial Symbiosis and Circular Economy: From Theory to Practice” on 21 March 2019.

Figure1: Mr Konstantinos Tertivanidis, director of the Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia presenting BIOREGIO project and  its achievement 

The event was held at “Koventarios” Municipal Library of Kozani located in Kozani, Greece. It was organized in the frame of two European projects: SYMBI (Industrial Symbiosis for Regional Sustainable Growth and Resource Efficient Circular Economy) financed by Interreg Europe and Life-M3P (Material Match Making Platform) funded by the LIFE program implemented by the Municipality of Kozani and DIADYMA SA respectively.

The main focus was the application of circular economy aspects through the development of action plans as well as innovative practices in several materials’ industry and new Small Medium Enterprises which may incorporate those expectations.

Mr Konstantinos Tertivanidis, director of the Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia, presented the preliminary results on the development of circular economy action plans implemented in the frame of BIOREGIO project.

The approximately 60 participants represented local and governmental authorities, SMEs, local industry representatives as well as academics from Hellenic Universities.