The fourth stakeholders’ meeting of BRANDTour project was held at the premises of the Region of Crete on Monday 10th December 2018 regarding actions and good practices of experiential tourism.

During the meeting, Eleni Hatziyanni, Director of Environment and Spatial Planning of Region of Crete, informed the participants about the program and the objectives of the interregional cooperation in order to present and discuss good practices of experiential tourism in Crete through tourism value chains development.

Proposals were submitted by the Mayor of Archanes-Asterousia Mr. Emm. Kokosalis, the Deputy Mayor for Tourism of Agios Nikolaos, Mr. Haris Alexakis, the Deputy Mayor for Tourism of Heraklion Mr. G. A. Garancini, the executive of Municipality of Chania, Mrs. S. Polychronakis, by Mr. P. Kalianis on behalf of the Chamber of Heraklion, by the representative of Cosa Nostrum, Mr. V. Zisimopoulos and by Rami Masood, the representative of Wine Walker Crete.

In the meeting also participated the stakeholders of the tourism industry: Mr. A. Stratakis (Ministry of Tourism - Regional Office of Crete), Mr. V. Papanikolaou (President of Crete Tour Guides), Mrs. E. Bakinda (Development Association of Women of Crete), Mr. P. Ignatiadis (Responsible of PRAXIS Network - Foundation for Research & Technology) and Mr. I. Gryllis (BRANDTour Communication strategy external expert).

On behalf of Region of Crete participated also the members of the BRANDTour project Working Group: R. Papadopoulou, Mrs. Anastasia Stefanidou, S. Yialama, E. Vougioukalaki, V. Madulka and V. Messaritakis.