Now, even that many workers are preparing themselves to return to work, it is very likely that the working habits will be changed forever.

In France, The Galion Project (, an exclusive club of tech entrepreneurs, polled its members regarding their intentions for the post-COVID period. (The French government set May 11 as the starting date for the “deconfinement”). The conclusion: offices will mostly remain closed. The replies from 91 respondents show that remote workers are welcome to continue that way. In the same survey, despite their theoretically lower health risk, many young workers are not keen to go back to the office: among the different age groups, the 25–34 segment is the most reluctant, while the oldest (65+) is eager to get out of the house.

This is where interregional cooperation might support the countries in peripheral and emerging Europe - the ones our Interreg Europe CARPE DIGEM project is focused at. Some of the countries have been more agile and more adaptive during the #COVID outbreak, and some others have found them less prepared for the spectacular rise in remote working. Our project is aiming at collectively catalyse, lever, network and expand inter-regional digital eco-systems in 8 European countries to provide universal access to the integrated digital solutions and eco-systems our citizens and enterprises need. 

CARPE DIGEM 10 partners from 8 countries are mobilising together to offer a webinar for how to put DIGEMs in Wider Perspective of Rural/Peripheral Digital Transformation in response to the recent changes in working habits and the future of work at the end of May. Details will follow soon.