Day 1 of the CECI 3rd interregional meeting was held online by the MSIC on 4.11.2020. Originally, the partnership should have met in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Due to the pandemic situation in the world, we decided to do it online.

In the beginning, the city of Ostrava, its vision and activities were presented by the representative from the city, Mr. Ondřej Dostál.


As the meeting host was one of the CECI partners, Moravian-Silesian Innovation Center (MSIC), Mrs. Adéla Hradilová, Chief Strategy Officer, introduced MSIC. Following, Mr. Dan Zaleski, Business Innovation Manager, introduced MSIC activities in more details.

In the second part of the meeting, there was a workshop on Organizing a joint workshop to create new circular economy projects according to local needs. We used the SENSEFICTION method from the French Advisory Partner makesense. The participants were divided into groups and discussed issues in the field of electric waste and textiles. We shared our ideas with each other thanks to the MIRO platform. Tomorrow will focus on sharing good practices.

In the end, everything worked well and it was fun!