The second day of the CECI 3rd interregional meeting was focused on sharing good practices. The Moravian-Silesian Innovation Center has prepared a Live stream, where thanks to video sequences it took us through the entire Moravian-Silesian region, Industrial heritag called Area of lower Vítkovice - a factory of heavy industry that was remanufacturing to concert halls, museums and a complex for events and activities. They also shared with us interesting projects that were invented in the Czech Republic, for example, the use of plastic waste from cafes for the production of furniture.

The project partners from City of Mechelen also shared their good practices with us, namely with the DIGIBIB project which is about sharing laptopts, and introduced to us tool library,how it works and especially how to involve the volunteer for this job. Another project was Camp to Camp - which works great for all festivals. Participants can rent all camping gear exactky on the place where the festiva is. And the tents left over at festivals are remanufactured and recycled. 

We thank the Partner from Government of Aragon for sharing with us the activities carried out by the Universidad de Zaragoza.

Last but not, the least good practice was the PATINA project presented by the LAB University of Applied Sciences from Lahti, Finland. Thanks to PATINA, citizens can bring their old electronic devices there and they will dismantles them and recycles. Big part of this is second hand shop where people bringing their donations. More information you will received in incoming Newsletter.

The afternoon part was dedicated to the Workshop: Innovating new approaches of citizens involving and we did it through the methodology of World Café. We discusses on 3 main topics - (1) Action Plan, (2) Textile waste and (3) How to support citizen involvement regarding circular economy to make their initiative sustaonable in the long term.