The third, last day of the CECI 3rd online interregional meeting from Ostrava took place today (6.11.2020). In the morning program, Mr. Petr Birklen, Development Project Manager from MORAVIAN-SILESIAN INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT, presented the POHO2030 project, the aim is to transform the coalmining landscape into a prosperous area with a varied and sustainable life by 2030.

This was followed by a Steering Group meeting, where the main points of the project that shall be fulfilled and how all partners stand with them were discussed. In the afternoon, a Round Table discussion was devoted mainly to the topic of Action plans and policy development in all partner regions.

All three days were challenging, but in the end, we managed it all online via ZOOM and platform MIRO. On behalf of the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Center, I would like to thank everyone for their patience, active participation and help with preparation. 

We hope to see each other face to face soon!