Developing sharing economy practices together with citizens


CECI project invited citizens to a two-part Hackathon which was focused on developing concepts around circular and sharing economy solutions for citizens in the Päijät-Häme region. CECI lead partner LAB University of Applied Sciences and CECI project partner Päijät-Hämeen litto organized the hackathon while Demos Helsinki facilitated. Demos Helsinki is a globally operating, independent think tank that conducts sustainable research and offers such as consultancy services. 

The first part of the hackathon was online 8.4.2021 at 15:00-16:00 with speaker Aleksi Neuvonen; co-founder of the sustainable consultancy company and think thank Demos Helsinki. Neuvonen spoke about the possibilities of sharing economy in the present and the future. The second part of the hackathon took place at 20.4.2021 from 9:00-12:30 in the form of a workshop facilitated by Demos Helsinki. With 27 active participants.

The goal of the hackathon was to explore and build new practical business opportunities to match the growing need for sharing economy practices in the Päijät-Häme region. The second part of the hackathon started with a brief recap from the first part of the hackathon informing of the principles of the sharing economy and exploring existing business models. As well as Demos Helsinki explaining thoroughly the three themes of the workshop; sustainable textiles, sustainable housing and services, and sustainable mobility. The themes of the workshop were previously identified and chosen by LAB and Päijät-Hämeen liitto.

The workshop proceeded by utilizing custom Business Model Canvas, for each group, there were a total of eight pages to fill. The aim was to brainstorm and conceptualize concrete business ideas. Participants were divided into four groups according to each object of interest. Participants brainstormed new business models and service concepts surrounding the explained sharing economy concept, under the direction of Demos Helsinki. Four groups invented and developed four practices:

1. Clothing packages as a service

2. Grannies and kiddos transport service

3. Verstas; Sharing facility

4. Optimizing the use of empty Spaces

These ideas respond well to the challenges of everyday life and contribute to reducing waste and optimizing the use of empty spaces, as well as supporting a flourishing community while respecting sustainable values. 

Read the CECI Press Release in Finnish here: