From a city with industrial pollution to a green city of Europe

On Monday, 11th of October CECI project partner Business agency association (BAA) organized a thematical dissemination event in Varna, aimed at presenting the Roadmap towards Circular Economy in Päijät-Häme and discussing how a similar roadmap could be created also in Varna and the region. During the event, the CECI partner showed how an industrial city in Finland managed to transform completely with the participation of business and citizens, led by an ambitious local government. The five themes of the Roadmap: closed material loops, energy, bio circular economy, new consumption models and innovative solutions were presented to the participant.

The presentation was followed by a discussion on how similar circular practices can be implemented in the green strategy in Varna. The event was in a hybrid format – participants were welcomed live and online by participating through zoom. The whole seminar was recorded, streamed and shared on BAA’s page and on the Interreg Europe CECI Facebook site, thus people who could not attend the meeting can access the shared information later on. The PowerPoint slides and the presentation can be viewed here.

The president of the BAA association Sylvia Stumpf acquainted the participants with the principles of the green pact - a document for a green future. The aim of the pact is economic growth that does not depend on natural pollutants, human presence, so as not to affect the climate and nature. Climate change is the greatest demand of our time. During this time, it will be possible to create a new economic model.
The implementation of the Green Pact will create new opportunities for innovation, investment and jobs and will lead to reducing emissions, creating jobs and plants, overcoming energy poverty, depending on external energy, suitable for our health and well-being.

During the event CECI project partner, BAA was very active on social media and engaged thus citizens in circular economy and gained more participants to the event.