CECI Media Coverage

CECI project partner Business Agency Association reached national media attention from the CECI Dissemination Event in Varna.

The CECI project is eager to share news of national media coverage, as the Bulgarian bTV television attended on the 11.10.2021, the CECI event: ′′ From a polluted city to a green capital of Europe", in Varna.  The media coverage included a short interview with the Chairwoman of the Business Agency Association, Silvia Stumpf. The interview was streamed at bTV televisions weekly TV show on their channel 17.10, in the programme: "The Green Future". The programme can be viewed on YouTube: https://youtu.be/MSBd8WWrDNE?t=822.

Read more about the CECI event ′′ From a polluted city to a green capital′′. Where CECI project partner BAA presented the following topics: European Green Deal, circular economy, as well as presented from CECI lead partner region: the Roadmap towards Circular Economy in Päijät-Häme, Finland. The five themes of the Roadmap: closed material loops, energy, bio circular economy, new consumption models and innovative solutions were presented to the participant. Furthermore, discussions followed on how a similar roadmap could be created in Varna and the region.

With over 400 views on youtube and streams on national television, the CECI project partner in Varna BAA has made the CECI project known nationally as well as shared knowledge and inspired citizens to learn more about interregional good practices and the circular economy.

Read more and watch "The Green Future" news clip in Bulgarian.

Representatives from BAA, CECI project partner from Varna.