The DG Cambio Climático y Educación Ambiental, who is the Aragonese partner of the CECI project, organised on the 22.11.2021 an internal CECI dissemination event followed by a Repair Café activity.


In this meeting, the DG introduced to all the Department employees the two Interreg Europe Projects, CECI and LINDANET, in which they are involved.

Guadalupe Zárate, the Aragon CECI Project Manager, explained how the CECI project is committed to bringing European, Spanish and Aragonese citizens closer to the circular economy. In this model, an unsustainable linear economy model changes to another model where prevention, reuse, and second live to materials and products is possible avoiding the generation of waste.


The regional Aragon TV broadcasted the second part of the event, the Repair Café activity. Link to the TV video. Participants brought their small electrical or electronic devices broken, and some repairing volunteers showed how, the devices could be repaired, extending their useful life, and avoiding the generation of waste, in most cases. 

This event was the starting point of the start-up of European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) in which Aragon partner is the Coordinator in its region.