This week we virtually travel to Beira Interior region (Portugal) to talk with our partner Paulo Costa from Business and Innovation Centre of Beira Interior about the impact, approach and need of the DIGITAL REGIONS project in this region.

Why is the project needed in your region?

DIGITAL REGIONS project is important to best adapt and improve innovation policies in order to support the manufacturing sector to overcome competitiveness challenges and prepare the Portuguese Industry for the 4th industrial revolution.

What have you learnt from project partners?

We learnt mainly through their good practices and the staff exchanges already carried out, especially on key aspects of the Industry 4.0 and digital transformation regional ecosystems, and also analysis of regional policies and the possibility to implement and/or complement existing ones addressed to these issues.

Are you inspired by any good practices shared?

Recently, we have started to analyse, together with our stakeholders, which of the good practices shared are most relevant and identified those with better implementation potential in view of the definition and elaboration of the Action Plan.

How are stakeholders engaging in your region?

The participation of stakeholders in our region has been very positive, providing very important and valuable inputs on the potential improvements/adaptations on policies related to Industry 4.0 and digital transformation. Stakeholders engagement is proving to be of crucial importance to the development and final outcome of the project, especially providing their experience, knowledge and capacity to influence the policy instrument addressed to the project.