We continue our virtual tour across Europe to speak with DIGITAL REGIONS project partners, who have a lot to share about the performance of the project. Last week we visited Portugal and today we jump to Slovenia where our partner Jure Verhovnik from University of Ljubljana is ready to tell us more!

Why is the project needed in your region?

The digital transformation of society, and especially of companies, is crucial for further economic development and competitiveness in general. With the help of the DIGITAL REGIONS project, we identified the current situation, identified the needs of companies and the available tools for successful digital transformation and implementation of Industry 4.0.

What have you learnt from project partners?

Through the exchange of experience, knowledge and, above all, good practices, we have gained new views, knowledge, competencies, which will be a great help in the further development in the field of digital transformation.

Are you inspired by any good practices shared?

Yes, all the presented good practices are inspiration for further development of competencies, programs and offers in the field of digitalization for companies and other stakeholders in Slovenia.

How are stakeholders engaging in your region?

We have developed a wide network of partners coming from business support institutions, public administrations, large companies, SMEs and decision-makers at the national level. The national level is represented with representatives of ministries and the agency involved in designing policies in the field of digitization programs for Slovenian society.

How would you describe the progress made?

The project partnership is great, within the project activities there is an exchange of experience, knowledge and identification of innovative approaches to Industry 4.0.