[NEWS] Attica Region: Mobility strategies

Green Daktylios (ring) in the city of Athens

One of the traffic management strategies in the city of Athens is the establishment of the Inner Daktylios (ring). On odd dates, only vehicles with an odd plate number are allowed to enter this zone while on even dates, only cars with even plate numbers are allowed. Since April 2021, electric and hybrid vehicles with CO2 emissions lower than 140g/km as well as conventional vehicles with emissions lower than 175g/km are excluded from this traffic restrictions and are allowed to enter the Inner Ring any day.

Eco Fest 2021

With a great success, the 2nd Eco- Fest took place on 4 – 6 June 2021 in a north superb of the Region of Attica, organized by the Hellenic Association for Energy Economics, the Prefecture of Attica, and the Development Organisation of the Prefecture of Attica. The aim of this event is the promotion of sustainable development and mobility and raise public awareness on the concept of green and smart cities. Among the various actions the visitors can attend and participate, they will have the chance to learn more about e-mobility and micromobility, test-drive electric vehicles, motorcycles and bikes and see the innovative electric "formulas" developed from Greek universities.