Calabria Region has approved the 21 project proposals submitted by the municipality of Catanzaro, which will now be forwarded to the Agenzia per la Coesione Territoriale as part of the CIS Calabria (Institutional Development Contract). The 21 proposals, amounting to a total of EUR 102 million, are intended to enhance the city in terms of tourism and landscape, sustainable mobility and urban regeneration. With specific regard to sustainable mobility, the City of Catanzaro plans to carry out the following projects: cycle paths between the S. Maria and Aranceto districts, electric car and bike sharing at the service of sustainable mobility in the city, urban regeneration of the city of Catanzaro from the Musofalo to the city centre with the creation of sustainable mobility systems through mechanised connections from the Musofalo parking area to the city centre and the creation of the Siano Giovino cycle path - green road Siano Giovino and Jurassic Park within the Li Comuni Park. Through these projects, Catanzaro aims to relaunch its role as the regional capital, strengthening and protecting its vocation between history, environment, culture and more modern and efficient services.