The experience of Province of Brescia in cooperation with Lombardy Region

The Province of Brescia Action Plan will approach the Regional Operational Programme (ROP) 2014-2020 of the Lombardy Region, whose Managing Authority has been actively involved in the project as main stakeholder for the Province since the very beginning.

The priorities defined in the Preliminary Action Plan are related to three main categories: Governance and Planning, Infrastructure and Economic incentive. The actions aim to promote new measures for the identification of supra-regional and supranational “electric corridors”, the identification of market failure areas in relation to charging infrastructure, the experimentation of a unique regional informative platform for charging infrastructure, the promotion of charging network for Local Public Transport fleets and sharing mobility modes (i.e. bike and car sharing) and new incentives for the promotion of e-vehicles and new charging infrastructures.

These measures come from the strict cooperation with regional stakeholders thanks in particular to the lessons learned from other e-MOPOLI partners, especially Flanders, Norway and Romania. Province of Brescia Action Plan is going to adopt a selection of Good Practices from these countries, such as the promotion and development of charging infrastructure, economic incentives for e-vehicles purchase, promotion of electric e-buses for Local Public Transport.

Based on this preliminary Action Plan, Province of Brescia is nowadays working with Lombardy Region in order to deliver the Final Action Plan, expected for autumn 2020. Some actions and measures could be revised in order to guarantee the concrete implementation and monitoring of the Action Plan in the region. So, stay tuned for next steps!