COVID-19: How we ensure interregional exchange for Action Plan development

As COVID-19 came at the beginning of our second semester, all interregional – and even local – exchanges migrate online. Here is how our project maintain – and facilitate – cross-regional discussions in the virtual world, especially for the development of Action Plan (AP).

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Online AP reviews

Last spring, our Project Workshops was a place for the partners to participate and contribute to the interregional learning progresses. ECoC legacy, good practices, and resources, and headlined topics, such as transforming tourism after the Pandemic, were brought to discussions.

Since the AP development took place, our partners have met monthly to share what they have learned with their stakeholders – and how these knowledge serve as a premise for their APs, provide feedbacks on others’ AP drafts, and brainstorm the next course of actions.

Partners’ presence at Local Learning Labs

Local Learning Labs (LLL) are local workshops held by our partners to engage their stakeholder in the discussion & joint development of ideas for harnessing the local ECoC project for SME generation & support.

As site visits are not possible, some of our partners have invited other regions to speak at their LLLs. At Leeuwarden LLL3, Matera shared exemplary regional activities that connect the local and European dimension.

At Timisoara’s LLL2, Leeuwarden introduced their good practice Launch Game, a start-up simulation. The good practice has now been further adapted into Timisoara’s first action Cultural2Business. Our Dutch partner was also introduced to Timisoara's good practice Cowork Timisoara.


Stakeholders’ voices at Open Seminar

One of the main goals of our project, and the APs, is to jointly find and develop solutions to support the Cultural and Creative Industry (CCI), and strengthen and diversify local entrepreneurship.

In addition to LLLs, we invited local stakeholders from the CCI and small businesses, who were directly facing and adapting to COVID-19 restrictions, to voice their experiences at our Open Seminar


These exchanges are not only integral to our project, but also have proven to be beneficial for other associated stakeholders, namely the Saimaa Phenomenon. The ECoC candidate for 2026 was inspired by the potentials of our good practices for replication and adaptation to their bid book, and is already in discussions with our partners for more information.


Photo credit: fauxels from Pexels