On the 18th of January 2021 Fomento San Sebastian and the Metropolitan City of Turin (MCT), together with its technical partner TOP-IX Consortium, had a fruitful exchange on the first release of the Methodological Guide for the implementation of the pilot action in the MCT territory.

The current version of the methodological guide combines the comparative analysis of Biodonostia Best Practice as presented by its representatives during the Workshop “Biodonostia’s Knowledge Transfer” of the 5th of November 2020 with the specific features of the local ecosystem.

During these days' meeting, the Torino Team presented to the spanish partner and to Biodonostia the work done till now with the aim of collecting feedback allowing the italian partner to further proceed on the set out path or to adjust on track.

MCT and TOP-IX Consortium gathered many inspiring suggestions and recommendations which will be taken into account while drafting the final release of the Methodological Guide.

Once again it has been confirmed the relevance and the added value of the interregional exchange and transfer of expertise!