Deep down in the territory: follow-up meeting of the pilot action eHealth Territorial LAB

Downstream of the experimentation of the telemonitoring system in the context of the Pilot Action eHealth Territorial LAB, the project team organizes a meeting to share the results and critical issues. 

Feedback gathered from participants to the experimentation and from the family doctor as well resulted to be highly positive and the service perceived as really appreciated.

As a result, the team has decided to convene a follow-up meeting where all the stakeholders involved as a part of the Quadruple Helix Approach can interact and evaluate possible ways of collaboration and eventually find out how to manage and carry out the service widening the user base and integrating the pilot's experience in services that are normally provided to citizens.  

Therefore, on the 15th of November the project team will meet mayors, councillors and territorial stakeholders taking part in the pilot action in order to share and disseminate results.

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