Laser and Engineering technologies cluster LITEK was established in 2011, but cooperation between science and SMEs continues for more than 20 years already. Today LITEK unifies 16 companies and organizations working in photonics and engineering field. LITEK cluster has strong connections with more than 50 companies and 10 RTOs working in fields of optoelectronic components, including optical materials and lasers and more than 80 companies working in engineering sector. LITEK has Research and training center with laboratories, clean-rooms & offices.

SME entities that are starting or are already carrying out innovative activities have the opportunity to take advantage of European Union public investments through the “Innovation vouchers” tool for several years. According to LITEK cluster manager Julius Paužolis, this tool has become much more attractive and beneficial for businesses as it simplifies its administration and has increased funding for projects several times. 

The two LITEK cluster companies, JSC EKSPLA and JSC “Integrated Fiber Optics” have proved that their ideas for developing innovative products are worthy of “fast money for business”, winning funding for the following R & D projects: “Femtosecond total frequency generation spectrometer possibilities in surface surveys” (JSC EKSPLA ) and “The new generation ultra short pulse oscillator characteristics” (JSC “Integrated Fiber Optics”). EKSPLA, possibly being the one company in the world that produce LNG spectrometers, has implemented the aforementioned research in the future, hopes that revealed technical possibilities of the new femtosecond LNG spectrometer in investigation the phase boundary of organic compounds and bio molecules will increase the demand for spectrometer in the global market and will allow the company to maintain the leading company position. Also it will be ready for sales of LNG spectrometer, highlighting examples of applications of equipment, the real characteristics of this spectrometer. The value of this project in the application is 25,000.00 Eur. 

JSC “Integrated Fiber Optics”, which has won the third time funding for the development of ideas through the tool “Innovation vouchers”, implements the R&D project aimed at investigating the characteristics of innovative ultra short pulse oscillators, which, due to its unique features, predicted reliability, durability, stability, excellent energy characteristics and the flexibility of the parameters could replace the currently not always reliable ultrasonic pulse synchronized fiber lasers, in which passive synchronization of modems is most often achieved using SESAM, or alternatively using nonlinear loop mirrors. The ultra short pulse oscillator has potentially very wide application potential, which will significantly contribute to the global growth of the global fiber laser market, and nationally, the results of the project can have a significant impact on the growth of the Lithuanian laser industry. The project is being carried out at the Fiber Lasers Laboratory of Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC). The value of this project in the application – €46,114.00. 

Scientists from the Department of Laser Technologies of LITEK™ cluster member Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) cooperates with JSC “Optoman” which wins the funding for the development of innovative activities through the tool “Innovation vouchers”, and in its laboratories, it is planning to carry out applied research on optical coatings technology that enables prolongation of the lifetime of optical elements used in UV laser systems (230-370 nm) and to improve the spectral properties of elements (parameters). “All this will ensure the complex satisfaction of customers’ needs and will enable JSC “Optoman” to gain a long term competitive advantage and to compete effectively with products on the market,” – says the Head of Optical Coatings Laboratory of Department of Laser Technologies of Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) dr. Simonas Kičas. The value of this project in the application – €33,000.00. 

Image: (C) LITEK.

For Further information on the can be found via the LITEK cluster website or e-mailing Head of cluster manager Julius Paužolis @ [email protected]