In Portugal, the transport sector is accountable for more than one third of the total final energy consumption and for about 25% of CO2 emissions. For that reason, it is essential to boost energy efficiency on mobility, namely opting for environmentally friendly technologies, in a transition that should also be led by private companies and organizations.

In this framework, ADENE created the MOVE+ system, based on diagnosis and classification models’, capable of guiding companies towards ecoefficiency best practices, including electric mobility as one of its main topics. The system setup a classification that informs, on a scale from F (less efficient) to A + (more efficient), the energy efficiency level of a company's car fleet. Furthermore, it allows the identification of opportunities for saving fuel (costs reduction) and minimize environmental impacts (through the reduction of CO2 emissions), namely through the promotion of managing best practices and the introduction of electric vehicles, for example.

The system is an initial stage of implementation, nevertheless, there are already some outcomes as it has 16 certified companies corresponding to 2,264 vehicles. Furthermore, by the end of 2020, the forecast is to certify a larger number of companies and reach more than 5,000 vehicles.

As an ad-on, ADENE developed and launched a training course for MOVE+ Fleet Auditors and Managers which aims to qualify auditors to work within the MOVE+ system, as well as to strengthen fleet managers’ skills, based on the methodology adopted by MOVE+.

This training has two components, being the theoretical one focused on the application of the MOVE+ fleet audit and classification methodology, covering topics such as vehicle management, driver management, maintenance management and consumption management, accompanied by exercises to assess the knowledge acquired. The practical component is developed on the ground with practical audits.

The trainees who successfully complete the theoretical and practical components will be qualified as Fleet Auditor MOVE+, being accredited to issue fleet energy certificates under this system.

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