The fourth summart of EURE is out!

You will find in it and in your language an overview of the activities carried out by the EURE partners between March and July 2021. If you have been following the EURE project you most likely noticed that this first half of the year has been busy. It all started by the publication of the long-expected Joint Report, “For a better and sustainable quality of life in European cities”. Building on the Joint Report, we prepared another one entitled “To improve the participation of small, medium and peripheral cities in the definition of the European Urban Policy”.

You might have also spotted our first Regional Reports, detailing the state of play of urban environmental policy instruments on our territories. We have already mapped the situation for Spain/Portugal, the Empoli and Lubelskie regions.

Publishing reports was not our only activity, we met altogether twice (still online unfortunately). In April, the Lubelskie region invited us to explore the future of EU urban policy and the ITI instrument implementation in Poland, a topic of high interest due to the current update of the national Urban Policy with a horizon to 2030. Two months later, we virtually traveled to Pilsen and got to know how ITI is used as an instrument of Sustainable Urban Development in Czech Republic.

Discover our latest activities and the local actions implemented by EURE partners in: