It's Dutch Food Week this week. And as the food province of the Netherlands, Brabant is of course a partner. This means that we are calling for extra attention for the (Brabant) food chain this week with various activities.

Health and sustainability

From October 9 to 16 of this year, the Netherlands will be buzzing with events related to food innovations and we will tell the story from ground to mouth. Then Dutch Food Week (#DFW2021) will be organized for the seventh time.

In the 2021 edition, the Dutch Food Week shows the positive power of our food. Together with farmers and horticulturists, (local) governments, inspiring food entrepreneurs and green education, we put healthy food, sustainability in the chain and good living in the spotlights. In our current world, cooking and enjoying food together and healthy is perhaps more important than ever. Dutch Food Week stimulates the sharing of knowledge in all kinds of areas and we show new developments that have to do with our food.

The province of North Brabant is a partner of the Dutch Food Week.

Future vision

Coincidence or not, but this week the Agriculture and Food policy framework was made available for inspection. In this, Brabant outlines a long-term strategy for a sustainable agriculture and food chain. During the opening of the ‘Jamfabriek’ (11/10) and in the Warand lecture (12/10), deputy Elies Lemkes-Straver lifted the first corners of the veil.

Vegetable and Fruit Day

Thursday, in the middle of Dutch Food Week, is National Fruit and Vegetable Day. The province is happy to contribute to this by offering all employees a healthy snack. There is a fruit and vegetable bowl at the coffee machines in the provincial government building. Fruits and vegetables are not only very healthy, but also very tasty! Especially if they come from Brabants Bodem. We are happy to encourage that. This is how we snack out our afternoon dip with vegetables and fruit!

Something with Farmers

On World Food Day, the province closes the Dutch Food Week with a meeting. Together with various partners from the Brabant food chain, Deputy Elies Lemkes-Straver is watching the performance of the theater performance ‘Something with Farmers’ in Reusel. Then they discuss the dilemmas in the joint rural area that the play has shown.

Much more

All activities of Brabant and the other partners can be found on, such as the podcast with ‘The club of 30’ and the video series ‘Keten van Eten (food chain)’.