The local products should be better promoted during this pandemic period characterized by social distancing, due to the need of shorter supply chains and to meet the increasing interest of consumers for food products that are fresh, less processed and coming from sustainable sources.

In these challenging circumstances, Maramures County Council started the implementation of the Action Plan "Development of food chain in Maramures County”, elaborated within the FoodChains 4 EU project.

As a first step, Maramures County Council approved the financing of “Bun de Maramures” – “Good of Maramures” Association - responsible organization for carrying out the Action Plan’s activities. The Association “Bun de Maramures” – “Good of Maramures” was established by 3 local stakeholders, in 2019, at the initiative of Maramures County Council. Their tasks are to introduce the Good of Maramures labeling system for the most representative local products and to implement the program for innovation of Maramures food chain, both activities being parts of Maramures Action Plan within FoodChains 4 EU project.

The Association Good of Maramures launched its activities in June 2020 and since then they made preparatory activities, including the laying down of membership criteria and the draft methodology for Good of Maramures labeling system. The food producers who intend to become members of the association must fulfill eligibility conditions, such as to be operational business in food sector and to be located in Maramures.

On 25th of August 2020, the first meeting with local producers was organized at the Village Museum of Baia Mare, in an outdoor space and complying with conditions of social distancing. 13 representatives of Maramures producers including associations and traditional products representatives took part at discussions.

The vice-president of Maramures County Council, Mr Ioan Doru Dancus expressed the interest of Maramures County authority to support the local products and to encourage the consumers to choose local food, these attitudes contributing to the economic recovery and to improvement of lifestyles, health and environment, being in line with the Farm to Fork Strategy, lunched by European Commission this spring.

The representatives of Good of Maramures Association and the members of FC4EU project presented relevant information about the project, about the membership and advantages offered by Good of Maramures Association:

- Possibility to obtain the license for using “Good of Maramures” Brand:

  • Increasing customer confidence in the quality of products; 
  • Increasing the level of protection against counterfeit or poor quality products. 

- Support for products promotion

  • Consultancy for product promotion strategy;
  • Presentation of products and producers on the website of Good of Maramures Association;
  • Promotion campaign on social-media. 

- Support for participation at national/ international fairs in food sector: fees and promotional materials.

- Access to training and education programs as well as exchanges of experience

  • Free courses on business management;
  • Free courses on product promotion solutions.

- Access to information on funding sources and support for project preparation

  • Funding sources appropriate to the food sector;
  • Pre-evaluation regarding the chances of accessing different financing sources;
  • Advice for project preparation.

- Support in implementation of innovative technical solutions offered by universities

  • Mediation of demand for innovation / research and existing resources;
  • Mediation of demand for innovation / research and available human resources;
  • Innovation transfers.

After the meeting, 3 local producers filled the necessary documents to become associated members of Good of Maramures Association and other interested local producers will submit their applications in September.

In the next period, based on discussions and proposals of local producers, the criteria for obtaining the right to use “Good of Maramures” – “Bun de Maramures” brand will be finalized and the procedures of Good of Maramures labeling system will be accessible for the members of Good of Maramures Association.

Further information about Good of Maramures initiative: