Partners from Cyprus, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Hungary, Portugal and Czech Republic have met on 2nd project meeting within the HoCare project - “Delivery of Innovative solutions for Home Care by strengthening quadruple-helix cooperation in regional innovation chains”. The meeting took place in Varna, Bulgaria from 15th -17th September 2016 and was hosted by Business Agency Association from Varna.

Partners were discussing the progress of work package on Exchange of experience, preparing the final templates for Regional Analysis and gathering of good practices in transferable projects, management and strategic focus of the operational programmes. The HoCare project aims to improve the implementation of regional development policies and programmes that support the delivery of innovation by actors in regional innovation chains. Two representatives of the Interreg Europe Programme’s Joint Secretariat Mrs. Marie Guitton and Mrs. Ilaria Piazza virtually attended the meeting providing the information about the reporting procedure after the first semester of the project.

Focus of the meeting was also on designing a concept of international thematic workshops. First of them will be organized in January 2017 in Funchal (Portugal) with focus on generation of innovation by addressing unmet needs identified by formal and informal carers. The second and third thematic workshop will take place in Budapest (Hungary) and Ljubljana (Slovenia) in the beginning of 2017.

During the project meeting in Varna partners met with members of Bulgarian multi-stakeholder group and discussed about the project. The discussion was moderated by Mrs. Silvia Stumpf from Business Agency Association from Varna. To increase the chance of achieving policy exchange, project partners actively involve relevant stakeholders from their regions in the activities of the project. Members of Local Stakeholder Group are usually formal and informal providers of health care, industrial actors or business support actors related to Home care industry, research actors and public actors.