Tesoma Wellbeing Centre in Tampere is the centre, which includes various kinds of services, starting from a library to a health centre, all in one place. The main goal of the centre is to raise the wellbeing of the city residents, improve the activity of each individual and to raise the general level of the citizens health.

The services of the wellbeing centre are provided by the City of Tampere, Mehiläinen and Setlementti Tampere, where the cooperation of the city, private sector and non-governmental organisation is taking place. The overall set of services provided in the by the alliance in the Wellbeing Centre are health centre services, library, activities for the youth, community café, family and child services, dental care for both adults and children, home care, support and various kind of suggestions according to the health issues, as well as mentoring.

Tesoma is Finland’s first welfare service, where the model of alliance between the public and private sector has been implemented. The main KPI set for the project have been:
•    Decrease in inequalities related to health
•    More economic and efficient services
•    Coherent services for the citizens

The overall goal of the wellbeing centre, is to provide an easily accessible, affordable, personalize and well-functioning services to be used by the citizens of Tampere.

The preparation for the launching of the project has begun in the 2014, whereas the operation of the alliance has started in April 2018. The alliance has been developed within the procurement process as the solution towards the overall goals of the welfare centre.