The INNO Industry project faces the final phase of preparation of its Action Plan for the Region of Murcia.

Last Wednesday, June 30th, the INNO Industry project brought together again through a virtual workshop the Expert Group of the Region of Murcia, which is represented by various agents of the regional innovation system such as universities, technology centers, clusters, business associations, as well as the regional government through the Instituto de Fomento.

After the identification and exchange among the project members of a series of 30 good practices related to clusters and digitization during the first phase of the INNO Industry project, the Committee of Experts of the Region of Murcia has been in charge of analyzing which of these initiatives are more interesting according to the needs that the region may have in terms of Industry 4.0.

In this last meeting, the participants of the Committee had the opportunity to examine in detail four of the good practices presented and how they could serve to improve current policies in the Region. Specifically, these best practices are as follows:

  1. House of Digitalization (Austria): interactive platform and network of contact persons dedicated to relevant research and education institutions to assist companies in Lower Austria in their digital transformation, facilitating access to information, training, infrastructure and collaborations across institutions and sectors.
  2. Business and Shared Services Center of Fundão (Portugal): provides infrastructure and skills for smart and sustainable businesses, with a focus on ICTs, helping to combat demographic and economic decline by providing IT skills and infrastructure to businesses and start-ups.
  3. Kickstart Digitalization (Sweden): method to stimulate initial digitalization activities for competitiveness in SMEs through a series of workshops over a six-week period consisting of three free meetings in which two representatives from about 10 companies share experiences and ideas.
  4. Cluster Stakeholder Working Group (Slovakia): permanent discussion platform among stakeholders belonging to the Triple Helix as a tool to improve policies to support existing clusters and actively promote awareness of the importance of clusters for the national economy.

The conclusions obtained in the debate around these four good practices and the current situation of the Region of Murcia in terms of digitization and Industry 4.0, will serve to enable AMUEBLA to develop an action plan to increase the rate of clusters that develop activities to support digital transformation by improving regional policies. This document will be ready by the end of November and will be presented to the Committee of Experts of the Region of Murcia during the month of January 2022.