In Szombathely city with county rights an economic diversification along with the attraction of manufacturing industries in the health sector is intended.

For gaining expertise on the topic in focus, the Interreg Europe Peer Review was called in service, by which the experiences of other European regions (peers) are to be utilized. As an outcome of the event, representatives of other regions will contribute to the action by giving recommendations after analysing the specific territorial and thematic context and reflecting on their own experiences.

The event consists of ten working sessions and will take place on 29-30 June 2021. On the first day, within the first six sessions, the participants form the city’s side introduce the status quo including the viewpoint of diverse stakeholders and the existing policy challenges. The second day is about the common work with the scope of turning the presented recommendations into an implementable plan with open discussion.

The peers were selected based on their relevant experiences and level of expertise, so that the review will meet the expectations and will provide the city with useful solutions. The attending peers include: Alberto Baldi – Cluster Manager of bioPmed Cluster; Maria Garcia – Investment Project Manager of SODENA; Inaki Gutierrez-Ibarluzea – Director of BIOEF; Nora Mack – Manager of MedTech-Cluster; Jan Nylander – CEO of Glasir AB.

The Peer Review is made possible with the support of the Policy Learning Platform.

We will inform you about the advancements and the outcome of the event!