All project partners have to make the situation analysis of their region. 

The guidelines to make the analysis have already been prepared by the Project advisory partner Association of European Border Regions (AEBR).  The guidelines consists of four main sections:

- Portrait of the Region;

- Internationalisation environment;

SMESs capacities for the internationalisation;

Identified gaps between policy instruments and SMEs needs.

To conduct the situation analysis report, four different methods are needed:

- Desk research;

- Online survey with SMEs;

- Interviews with Stakeholders;

- SWOT analysis.

By the end of first half of the year 2020, there will be conducted 5 situation analysis reports of these regions: Podkarpackie (Poland), Lombardia (Italy), Castile and Leon (Spain), Klaipėda (Lithuania).

You can read the methodology of the situation analysis report here.