Agralco S. Coop. was founded in 1962 by several wineries from Navarra and La Rioja, to group the activity of small alcohol producers in the region in the new plant in Estella.

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Agralco's activity focuses on three main aspects:

• Regulation of the wine market: Agralco is a distillery authorised by the Spanish Agricultural Guarantee Fund (FEGA) to collaborate in the regulation of the wine market by facilitating compliance with the Compulsory Wine Service for wineries;

• Environmental: Winemaking waste manager of the associated wineries with authorization number NA/V-17-99;

• Energy Efficiency: process optimization, self-supplying of fuel and self-supplying of electricity.

In their facilities, 60,000 Tmof wine residue (solid fraction of the grape remaining after pressing for vinification) and 20,000 Tm. of lees (liquid fraction from the decantation of the wine after fermentation) are processed annually.

Energy management and use of waste

The sub-products of winemaking (grape residue and wine lees) and the wines delivered by the wineries are processed to obtain different types of alcohol, lime tartrate, enocyanin, grape seed oil, biomass (degreased seed flour and dry pomace), and fertilizers.

And, in addition, they are generated for self-consumption:

• 10,000 tonnes of biomass (dry grape skin).

• 1,750,000 Nm3 of biogas with which 4375 Mw.h. of energy are generated in thecogeneration engines

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