On Thursday 22nd October, the LC Districts project organized a study visit in Marche region. Due to travel limitations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the whole event was held online. Despite this complication, the event was very successful and beneficial for all participants.

All LC District project partners participated. Each partner invited their regional stakeholders, the event was visited by 17 stakeholders from all the partners. Altogether 39 people participated in the study visit.

During the event, two good practices were introduced. First, Marche Region presented Protocollo ITACA (ITACA Protocol) for buildings and at Urban Scale. The good practice was presented by Massimo Sbriscia and Massimiliano Bagagli. ITACA is a non-profit association with the aim of activating actions shared by regional bodies in order to promote and ensure an effective technical coordination between regions, national institutions, local authorities and professionals. ITACA Protocol is a tool for assessing the level of energy and environmental sustainability of buildings and it is designed to verify the performance of buildings.

The second good practice, Joint SE(C)AP, was introduced by Andrea Carosi and Andrea Capitanelli. Joint SE(C)AP is Joint Sustainable Energy (and Climate) Action Plan for the group of municipalities of Vallesina. The group defines a common long-term vision, prepares a baseline emission inventory and a risk and vulnerability assessment, and identifies a set of actions to be undertaken on the territories of the members of the group.

The most interesting part of the study visit was the peer review at the end of the event. Partners and stakeholders participated in the lively discussion and some interesting ideas emerged. Although the event had to be organized online, especially the discussion at the end provided interesting insights and helped participating stakeholders to gain important inspiration for their future work. The next study will be hosted by the Swedish partner in November (online).