In the framework of the Osiris project, CTI “Diophantus” in Patras has created an Open Data Platform. This was inspired by the vast knowledge of work with open data that the Autonomous Province of Trento brought into the project and is a case of re-use and adoption of good practices travelling between regions in our project.

- Open data is no more a choice but a necessary contribution of the public sector to the digital transformation we are living and that people are asking for. The main benefit to do open data is to provide high value data for a Data Market that it is estimated to grow to about 6% of GDP in the next few years.

- The recent pandemic crisis has raised awareness about the importance to be able to collect, understand, merge, analyse, show good data and the work on open data is supplying “raw materials” to develop all this competence in our territories, Francesca Gleria, Programme Manager of Opendata Trentino, Autonomous Province of Trento states.

The Boost platform is a useful tool for the Region of Western Greece on the topics of Open Cultural Data and Open Social Innovation. This initiative aims at promoting cultural and social innovation events and actions in the region and it is created in the framework of the OSIRIS pilot action “BOOST - Boost Open Data usage at the Region of Western Greece”.

- The initiated and established Boost platform aspires to serve as a central information hub for the Region of Western Greece and create regional value and growth through Open Data, says professor Chrysostomos Stylios of CTI Diophantus.

One of the activities that was found useful and inspiring in working with open data in Trento is now taken to Patras – namely a hackathon. On 29-31 May 2020, CTI organizes the BOOST Hackathon. The hackathon aims at developing ideas in the fields of Open Social Innovation and Open Cultural Data.

- A hackathon is a great instrument for companies, young students, public administration and users to learn from each other working side by side. This means that the results go far beyond the final objects developed. It is also a very important way for the local SMEs to exchange their experiences and knowledge in an open innovation scenario. It is a very nice opportunity for them to hire young people, working with the potential candidates side by side, see them working on real problems, and therefore see many traits of the candidates coming into play. Finally, the hackathon brings together different worlds that are not very familiar with each other thanks to a work group that has the size and also the lightness of a smart competitive-collaborative game, Ms Gleria explains.

The collaboration between the two regions has been very fruitful and will continue to generate new ideas for all involved.

- The region of Trento being an Open Data Leader has successfully transferred their knowledge, experience and know-how to the Region of Western Greece and this fruitful collaboration is continuing to bring new innovative ideas to both regions , professor Stylios states.

- Moreover, an open platform that is collecting and publishing all the events of interest (innovation and culture) in the region is an important new asset for the tourist economy and for the local development. The opportunity is to reuse this great quality open data collected in order to develop new digital services, new apps, or any other kind of matchmaking services. Even more important today with the COVID19 crisis, when economic assets of countries such as Greece and Italy strongly linked to tourism are challenged to look for new forms of business with the help of broad sharing of digital information, Mr. Marco Combetto, Innovation manager of Trentino Digitale Spa concludes.