The idea of crowdfunding

Do you know, how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign?

Crowdfunding is becoming a very popular solution for getting funds for some idea's realization. This word can be understood as crowdfunding, i.e. a situation in which the creator of a project asks Internet users for support, offering them some benefits in return, such as a finished product or a discount on its purchase. These are things generally unavailable on the market or limited to a high degree. In other cases, funders may receive the product well before it is available on the market.

During our meeting in November, Nathalie de Schepper, shared with us a piece of really precious advices, on how to run a successful campaign. Nathalie De Schepper is a crowdfunding expert and startup advisor at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Antwerp. Every year she coaches more than sixty companies to successfully launch their crowdfunding campaign. If that subject is interesting to you, watch her presentation now!

                                   WATCH THE VIDEO HERE