PROTOMORE Innovation Center

The best place for startupers in Norway?

The second day of our meeting sessions was begun with the presentation of the PROTOMORE innovation Center. The idea of this Good Practice was presented by Jan Ove Moen, who is a business developer for startupers in this unit.

As we could hear, Protomore was established in 2016 in the North-West coast of Norway which is called Molde. This Center is located closely to Molde University and other scientific units, what brings them additional benefits. In their space, we can point out such units as Innovation Lab, Maker Space, and Incubator, where their clients may use all necessary equipment.

In PROTOMORE, employees are focused on innovation and business development methodology. They have developed their own method for innovation, what is built on the Design Thinking and Lean Startup theory. In their activity, they are concerned at 3 core issues: digitalization, business model innovation, and sustainability.

Innovation Lab is the main place for potential startupers, where they can gather key players and develop new ideas, prototype and test them in order to get necessary feedback and insights.

Maker space is the place where all necessary technical equipment may be found. The purpose of this place is to allow innovators and startupers to develop their ideas.

PROTOMORE Startup is a Norwegian Incubator where some activities are run to allow potential entrepreneurs to open their business. One of such actions is the program, that you have already ehard about before, as it was already recognised as one of Good Practices in our Project. They offer advisory services and great courses for early-stage entrepreneurs. They also create meeting points, where entrepreneurs can meet other people and get more knowledge and create business networks. In this place, they also administrate digital platform for entrepreneurs where they can get relevant information to develop their activity.

Another service that is offerred for startupers is kickSTART. It is an early-stage accelerator program that is run in a period of 3 months. It's a program where startupers are are taught PROTOMORE's methodology, how to prototype and test their ideas to get a feedback from the market. In this program, they also develop business models with startupers, and teach them how to get investment.

To get more information about this place, watch the presentation below.

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