The Nest

The best co-working space in Vratsa, Bulgaria

Bulgarian Good Practice that was presented during our online meeting, was a newly-opened co-working space in Vratsa. We have already gave you some info on that unit, as its opening was of a quite big importance for our project. That's why we were really glad to meet developers of such interesting place.

In our meeting, the presentation about the nest was presenter by one of its co-founders, Mr. Emilyan Kadiyski. He is a co-founder of Vratsa Software Society and Vola Software. He works as a programmer. He  was a member of the first Teach for Bulgaria cohort in 2011.

And what about the Nest itself?

Vratsa Software was created with quality assurance in mind information technology education for the people of the Vratsa region. It was created to help them master the appropriate programming skills and enable them to find a job or create their own venture in the field in Vratsa. So, watch the presentation to get more info about that place.

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