Two Pilot Actions approved!

What's the idea of Pilot Action in the OSS Project?

Let's take a break with presentatios of Good Practices from our last online meeting. Now, I'd like to share with you one fantastic news that we're really proud of: TWO PILOT ACTIONS HAVE BEEN APPROVED! That's a really fantastic news for us to share! For us, that means that we have new tasks to implement as part of our project. What are the ideas of our Pilot Actions? Read below!

What exactly the Pilot Action is?

As it was explained by the Interreg, Pilot actions are implementation-related activities dedicated to testing a new approach. This usually refers to the transfer of existing practices between partner regions. But it can also relate to a new initiative jointly designed by the partner regions during phase 1 and jointly implemented in phase 2.

The first Pilot Action approved!

The first Pilot Action was prepared by our Lead Partner - More og Romsdal from Norway, and the title of it is: "Peer-Peer mentoring for entrepreneurial groups in rural area". The pilot action for Møre and Romsdal County is dedicated to testing the feasibility and sustainability of introducing the Slovenian good practice “Ceed Pro”, a mentoring program for peer-peer entrepreneurial groups to take the business to the next level, as a new tool/feature under the first line service in Møre and Romsdal County ( The  Slovenian  model  offer  peer-peer  mentoring  for  up  to  10  participants  once  a  month  over  a  year  - Participants provide mentoring to each other in addition to receiving the med expert posts from invited guests that address the challenges they want solved. We do not envisage running a full-scale version to test the effect of models. The aim is to test whether a new approach with group mentoring is sustainable, provides added value, solve and overcome various entrepreneurial challenges in the first line support system for first time entrepreneurs in Møre and Romsdal. The action that is planned here  is to test whether group mentoring will function as a leadership development program for start-ups that want to grow. LP wants to test this program because  they already have experience and noticed that start-ups do not have the resources to fund professional mentors and experts who can provide advice and guidance in a growth phase.

The second Pilot Action approved!

The second Pilot Action approved by Interreg Joint Secretariat, is the Action prepared by Rzeszow Regional Development Agency from poland, and is titled "Crowdfunding for social entrepreneurship". The  pilot  action  is  dedicated  to  the  development  and  testing  of  new,  innovative  services  for  the  social economy sector in Podkarpackie region, in the field of crowdfunding. The pilot action will be oriented on the already existing entities and those who would like to set up the social economy entity. Through the pilot action, the Partner wants to raise the awareness and skills of entrepreneurs and newcomers as well  as  to  prepare  public  bodies  to  provide  professional  advisory  services  in  the  field  of  crowdfunding.  We believe  that  that  professional  support  offered  by  public  bodies  in  the  field  of  crowdfunding  would  be  an incentive for the quicker development of the whole social sector in Podkarpackie. In this action, we will engage additional Partner from Podkarpackie Region - Regional Center for Social Policy. Both institutions (RRDA and ROPS) are supervised by the Marshall Office of Podkarpackie Voivodeship. The Agency and ROPS are responsible  for  supporting  of  the  entrepreneurship  and  social  economy  in Podkarpackie  Region.  They  closely cooperate in those fileds with the Marshal Office. In the Podkarpackie Region, crowdfunding is a form of fundraising that is just developing. Many residents/potential  entrepreneurs  are  not  entirely  convinced  of  its  effectiveness.  Many  do  not  know  that  this  form  of support  even  exists.  with this actions, Partner  hopes  that  this  pilot  action  will  increase  the  interest  in  this  tool  among  people  who want to operate in the social economy sector. With this action, which will be carried out in our Pilot Action, also  want  to  enable  potential  entrepreneurs  this  additional,  extremely  helpful  form  of  support,  which  we expect will contribute to the development of social entrepreneurship in our region.