From 18-21 March 2019 the second edition of the international conference ‘Women in Business - Female Entrepreneurs and Economic Development’ took place in Benevento, Italy.


The Belgian partner of our OSS project had an opportunity to present our project on that conference.


With over 90 speakers who all brought testimony of female entrepreneurship from different points of view, this conference deepened the intention of the first edition of 2015. Kinetès, spin-off within the University of Sannio and organizer of this conference, aims at building a professional network of women engaged in different professions within the creative industries.


Our Interreg OSS fitted perfectly in this ‘Women in Business’ context. Since we are building not only a network, but a whole international ecosystem, interest was very high for the presentation of our project. It was immediately clear that the first stop shop, the first help line that OSS is currently working on, is needed also in Italy – and probably in many more countries.