Bled Strategic Forum is the largest international conference in the region co-organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Center of the European Future in Slovenia. This year many foreign guests and participants took part, over 1200 in total. One of the important conclusions presented during the Forum was the fact that we must ensure sustainable development at the individual, national and EU level and demand it at global level.


One part of above mentioned event was a part called "Young BSF". The BSF Youth Forum began with an opening during the National Assembly in Ljubljana and then in Bled. As part of the 14th strategic forum in Bled, young people talked about  the topic - Young people as (future) source (of funds).


The event was attended by 50 young entrepreneurs, creators of ideas and social justice fighters, who were talking political and economic solutions to global problems. The Youth Forum concluded with the event Conflict and Cooperation in the Mediterranean: Mare Nostrum or global space supported by the Italian non-profit organization Istituto Affari Internationals.


Our Slovenian partner, BSC Kranj participated in this years edition of Bled Strategic Forum, one of the leading political and business event in the region. During 2 days, we gained a lot of new knowledge in the field of business support and we also took this opportunity to present OSS project to several domestic and international stakeholders