This is a charity event bringing together companies and individual volunteers aimed at the production of protective helmets for medical services. Such activity is a large logistics undertaking requiring the rapid construction of a fully functioning logistics coordination organization.

This action is pro bono and its essence can be expressed in three points:

1. Collecting funds for production;

2. Helmet production;

3. Delivering products where they are needed - First, providing protection for paramedics and ERs, then hospital departments and clinics.

During the first 10 days - 15,000 helmets were made, 92 different types of facilities from all over Poland were supplied, 59 high-end 3D printers are active and 77 volunteers are active. These numbers change all the time. The action doesn't stop. 
#DrukujemyDlaMedykow is a unique action carried out by employees and volunteers with great hearts who join forces in the face of the global threat of coronavirus. To the action has joined such institutions as:

  • Podkarpackie Centrum Innowacji - PCI activities are mainly based on combining science and business, and on developing key skills among researchers and administrative staff. Finding the right source of financing is difficult, which is why support for Podkarpackie research and development projects as well as stimulation and development of entrepreneurial culture among students is considered a priority.
  • HugeTECH - It is a company that deals with supporting startups from an idea to implementation. It connects technological projects with corporations and enables innovative solutions to enter the market. They gained experience in working with startups by forming the INUP Startup Coalition. From the very beginning, the INUP Foundation team has tried to go beyond the usual patterns, thanks to which they successfully implemented numerous business and social projects in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship.
  • Klaster IT;
  • Hammerland Design;
  • Chemistry Department of Rzeszow University of Technology .

The initiative is getting wider. Currently, production is carried out on over 50 3D printers. More entities join the campaign ready to provide support. Hammerland Design has developed its own version of a protective helmet made partly of PET (fast) and partly of Polypropylene (fastening). They are great for the work of paramedics. Producers receive material for production from sponsors. 4Mobility has made available its electric cars for transporting materials and ready-made helmets. So far, over 2,300 helmets have been transferred to medical facilities.