Cooperation at the scale of a strait is already challenging but mostly enriching, then what about cooperation between two straits and 4 partners: it is even more fruitful! 4 partners, the Province of Lecce (Italy), the Region of Ionian Islands (Greece), the Regional Council of Vlora (Albania) and Innopolis (Greece) have joined hands in the framework of PASSAGE to trigger a low-carbon transition for their straits through the elaboration of a cross-border action plan.

Build upon common stakes, a strong involvement of local stakeholders and most of all the will to reduce carbon emissions for their territories with their inhabitants, the Otranto – Corfu straits action plans will work towards this goal by implementing 3 main actions:

  • Make local government supporting CO2 reduction
  • Improve energy efficiency through certification for the ports buildings and promotion of green shipping
  • Develop a reference website for Energy Communities and raise awareness

Because the involvement of all is necessary to accomplish this transition, the 4 partners will be particularly careful in raising the citizens awareness about the stakes at play at straits level, and in engaging them to take part in this project.

Want to know more? Do not hesitate to visit PASSAGE library and download the action plan in English! Read it, share it and feel free to contact us if you have any question!