The PERFECT project aims to influence policy makers about how green infrastructure can create positive economic and social outcomes for regions across Europe.

Two new resources have been produced by the Lead Partner the Town and Country Planning Association to help with this task, including one on biodiversity with the PERFECT partner Bratislava Karlova Ves Municipality. These factsheets on biodiversity and green infrastructure; and health and green infrastructure, set out key statistics about the benefits provided by networks of green space in urban areas, and make the argument for why it is so important to invest in high quality green infrastructure. The statistics are the result of research into many publications and include cutting-edge findings across Europe and globally about the value of green infrastructure, which all PERFECT partners have contributed to with their ideas and expertise.  

These are the first two of a series of factsheets to be produced throughout the project lifetime, each looking at different topics and helping partners to make the case to their stakeholders for investment in green infrastructure. The first two factsheets will be officially launched at a seminar in London in July 2018.  

These factsheets can be found here.