Despite all hopes and plans, A3.4 Study visit on effective waste management policies and measures to reduce plastic waste landfilling and incineration took place in a virtual format due to the urgent Covid-19 lockdown implemented in Austria on 22.11.2021. Although it was a challenge to transform a well-organized physical event into a virtual one over a day, our hosts from Styria, AT presented a meaningful, informative and at the same time exciting event.


The workshop included presentations on various hot topics such as the implementation of the obligations under European law concerning plastic packaging in Austria, implementation of the extended producer responsibility for packaging collection, Measures to implement the plastics strategy at a regional level, "Multilayer Detection", etc. The organizers also presented 8 local companies that are active in the field of plastics production and recycling.

We thank the Styrian team for the flexibility and excitement and let us hope that the event will still take place live next year.