During the month of June, Pamplona City Council put into operation 34 new charging stations for electric vehicles distributed throughout the city, in addition to the 12 already existing ones. Thus, Pamplona has now a total of 46 charging stations on public roads, significantly increasing this type of infrastructure in order to meet the present and future demand for electric vehicle charging. The 34 new places are distributed in a total of 17 double charging posts installed in 12 different locations.

In this way, Pamplona took an important step forward in the development of this type of infrastructure, becoming one of the best-equipped Spanish cities in terms of charging services for electric vehicles with public access. This action is part of the 'Go Green Pamplona' strategy that encompasses all matters that promote the fight against climate change.


The 34 new charging stations are located at twelve charging stations throughout the city. These 12 include 6 fast charging posts and 11 semi-fast charging posts.

This electric recharging system, installed and managed by the concessionary company Vilalta Corporación, S.A., joins three other existing recharging points that are managed directly by Pamplona City Council. The latter ones are located at the taxi rank at the bus station, next to a civic center, and next to a public school. These points are powered from the adjacent buildings, two of which already have photovoltaic generation installations, and the third (the one located at a civic center) is been studied to include a PV installation.

In addition to all these electric vehicle charging points, there are another three points managed through an agreement with the company Iberdrola Clientes.

The new rapid recharging points have been chosen on the basis of their proximity to the city's most important communication hubs, in order to provide a service for both electric vehicles traveling through Pamplona and those passing through. The semi-fast recharging points are located in densely populated residential areas and in areas with a high density of shops or activity so that they will serve the electric vehicles of residents or people who come to these places for leisure, shopping, or work.

The prices set for electric recharging in this new system will guarantee accessibility for every electric vehicle user. Both registration in the system and the contracting of recharges and payments will be carried out through an application that the concessionary company has made available to users, Pamplona EVCharge. This app also allows users to check the occupancy of the points, reserve top-ups in advance, or notify incidents, and has 24-hour customer service.

Vilalta Corporación, S.A., as the company awarded the concession, has been responsible for installing the recharging posts and for operating this service for the first eight years. It has covered all the costs and investments necessary to set up this system, as well as its subsequent management and maintenance, and the payment of an annual fee to the City Council for the use of the public space, which will depend on the amount paid by users for these services. When the concession ends, the charging points will revert to the City Council.

In the commitment to replacing fossil fuels with renewable energies and reducing CO2 emissions, in addition to the electric vehicle charging points on public roads, there are also 23 charging points authorized by the City Council in underground car parks, which are also accessible to the public. Of these, 12 are located in the car park of the hospitals' area and 11 in three car parks in the city center. This summer the number of publicly accessible, municipally-owned charging points will reach 60.

The evolution of this type of vehicle is clear, along with the city council's commitment to its promotion. Since 2011, 336 free parking cards have been issued for this type of sustainable vehicle, of which 157 were issued in 2020.

The reduction of emissions in transport is a strategic municipal commitment, which is being worked on through "Go Green Pamplona", derived from the city's 2030 Urban Agenda, whose first dimension is "Pamplona green, ecological and committed to the climate" and whose objectives have been specified in the Energy Transition and Climate Change Strategy 2030 for the city. The gradual replacement of conventional combustion cars with electric vehicles, together with measures to encourage walking, cycling, and the use of public transport for everyday journeys, contribute to preventing climate change and guaranteeing a clean and healthy city.

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