The Agglomeration Opole Trust (AOT) organized the Third Interregional Thematic Seminar of this project. This seminar has had a good impact, with the participation at the international level of more than 125 people.

The seminar was focus on how to engage local authorities and citizens to raise awareness of the problem of energy poverty and to create systemic solutions beneficial for vulnerable groups. Citizen participation and community co-ownership schemes play an increasingly societal role by fostering citizens ’participation in energy matters and raising acceptance of renewable energy. They can bring tremendous benefits for citizens and communities by placing them closer to the energy transition and fulfilling Europe's decarbonisation goals.

This event, which should have been held in person in Poland, has been held online for two days June 17 and 18 2021, due to mobility restrictions caused by the current pandemic.

The first day has been focused on ESocial Innovation for the energy transition to tackle energy poverty. And on the second day about Empowering citizens and local authorities – Good practices.

Presentations are available in the LIBRARY