On the 20th of January 2022 the Public Investment Development Agency ( VIPA), organized the fourth stakeholder group meeting where Mrs. Renata Adomavičienė (VIPA) presented the Action Plan for reduction of energy poverty in Lithuania with emphasis on greater use of renewable energy sources among vulnerable groups and informed about Spain and France good practices which inspired Action plan and highlighted that collaboration with Lithuanian stakeholders is very important.

Mrs. Indre Kapuscyte - Lukoseviciene, adviser at the Climate Change unit at the Environmental Projects Management Agency, introduced for the audience two new financial measures addressed to low-income individuals. One is named “Use of renewable energy for electricity generation for low-income individuals and / or replacement of fossil fuel installations, the other is named “Promoting the purchase of less polluting mobility equipment for low-income individuals”.

During the meeting it was agreed that meetings like this and POWERTY project as such helps for different institutions that are working with energy poverty and Renewable Energy issues. Ideas raised during this meeting and information about financial measures facilitating development of renewables, especially for low-income families, will be used by VIPA and by ministries concerned when discussing with colleagues in Lithuania as well as with partners abroad. For example the initiative of Ministry of Energy to support Renewable Energy Communities when installing renewable energy installations and involve low-income persons have directly connection with good practises of Spain and France. So VIPA as a member of working group of Renewable Energy Communities topic will have possibility to share Powerty project partners’ experience in this field.

As well meetings like this is very important for the development and implementation of VIPA Action plan.