What - Short summary of the practice

Touristic attractions which can be shown as good practices:

  • Hortobágy Wild Animal Park and Puszta Animal Park
  • Hortobágy Great Fishponds and Narrow Gauge Railway
  • Nature Trails
  • Dark Sky Park
  • Inns (in Hungarian it is called “csárdák”)

Activities which can be shown as good practices:

  • Bird hospital
  • Hortobágy Equestrian Days
  • Gene Preservation of domestic animals
  • Environmental Education programs
  • Bird watching
  • Bridge-fair (Gathering of herdsmen, animal market, traditional crafts)
  • Product Trademark by the National Park (it proves that the product is produced locally)

Where is the practices implemented

At Hortobágy, Hungary.

It is important to mention that Hortobágy belonged to Debrecen until 1952, when it became an independent settlement. This means that Hortobágy was a part of Debrecen’s history, and it is an existing example of the city’s rich agricultural traditions, thus an example of peri-urban context.

When – duration of the practice

The activities mentioned above take place throughout the year.

Who is involved in the coordination and the implementation

  1. Hortobágy National Park Directorate (HDNP)
  2. Bird hospital in Hortobágy
  3. Village of Hortobágy
  4. Hortobágyi Nonprofit Ltd.

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