Parkstad Limburg implements 4 actions in the context of the REFORM project:

1. Leisure Lane

2. E-bike sharing system

3. Integrated approach SUMP Parkstad (THINK SUMP)

4. Development app to reward sustainable movement

The first action has been postponed until the end of 2020, as indicated earlier.

The second action has our full intention. The E-bike sharing system is under development and the proposal is being developed in consultation with the central government, the province of Limburg and participating municipalities, with a network of 20 E-bike charging stations with 80-90 E-bikes and 10-20 E-cargo bikes will emerge.

The network will be connected to the cross-border network already operating in the region and the city of Aachen. It is also the intention to further expand and densify the network within the Parkstad Limburg, as well as extend and connect it with the neighboring regions in the rest of South Limburg. The planning for the network is development until September 2020 and implementation end of 2020 and start 2021.

The third action concerns the integrated approach of the participating seven municipalities of Parkstad not only in the field of mobility, sustainability and spatial Planning, but also involving livability, Environment and the Social Domain. Workshops with stakeholders will be held in the coming months to increase support and involvement for the regional sustainable urban mobility plan and to translate it into the individual 7 municipalities of Parkstad.

The workshops will take place in Mai, June and July 2020. The fourth action will be developed in line with the action 2 and 3 as described above.